Airband upgrades backhaul capacity that serves rural areas

Airband, the wireless ISP, has taken steps to upgrade their backhaul capacity by deploying a new platform. By adopting the platform from Ceragon, the FibreAir IP-20, the ISP intends to deploy it as part of their ongoing rollout across rural parts, adding to equipment and services claimed to be a total of nearly £1.9 million from Ceragon.

The ISP has won a number of contracts that are state aid supported to deploy superfast broadband to counties such as Devon, Shropshire and Somerset. The new upgrade seems to be able to deliver cost-effectively high-capacity, which they need to feed their growing customer base, via the millimeter-wave and microwave bands, delivering up to 4Gbps.

The MD of Airband, Redmond Peel, said they selected the wireless backhaul platform from Ceragon because its innovative products and experienced staff enables them to roll out with significantly lesser resources. It helps delivery of high capacity, of up to 4Gbps, with a reliable, fast and scalable connectivity solution, better than others, he added.

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