ADSL2 broadband from street-cabinet not deployed by BT Openreach

The ADSL2+ broadband technology that was proposed to be directly deployed from the street-cabinet on the FTTC network, instead of from the telephone exchange is yet to see the light of day. BT Openreach had last year revealed this interesting technology (capale of delivering up to 20Mbps) and which if deployed will bring faster speeds to the most remote premises. Sadly, BT Openreach has no plan to deploy it.

This current service of Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) on VDSL2 technology can deliver up to 80Mbps speeds, but over less than 150 to 200 metres of copper to the landing point, from the street-cabinet. Speed simply drops away to a few Mbps at the extreme distance of 2,000 metres and is not consistent.

In comparison, ADSL2+ is also a slower service and also has limitations in distance when signals travel over copper wire cables. Speeds can lower to a few Mbps but travel around 6km to reach the premises. Again, this service is usually delivered form the telephone exchange, which is normally even further away from a street-cabinet. However, a cabinet based ADSL2+ service can provide extended reach more than that a VDSL2 (FTTC) service can, as it can skip the exchange start-point and start from the local cabinet.

However, this service will only comply with the Universal Service Commitment meeting the 2Mbps speed criteria and not the ‘superfast’ broadband at 24Mbps+, targeted by the government. An Openreach spokesperson was reported to have said that although they have closely looked at the solution and still continue to consider cabinet based ADSL2+ in their kit for broadband solutions, the operator has no immediate plans to deploy it. Openreeach’s focus seems to favour future-proof technology like, capable of 500Mbps. However, for an intermediary fix, the option is still open to Openreach.

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