Aberdeen’s first live homes on Vodafone’s FTTH network

Cityfibre’s 1Gbps capable FTTH broadband deployment project worth £40m in Aberdeen of Scotland has gone live with Vodafone’s network – their ISP partner and the city’s first homes has been get connected.

The project executed in Aberdeen is a part of Cityfibre’s £2.5 billion investment for the deployment of 1 Gbps capable full fibre infrastructure to reach 5m premises in 37 cities of the UK by 2024. The operator is already having 100km Dark Fibre infrastructure in the city and the new network has been extended from the existing network.

Cityfibre has given a contract to GCU Ltd for carrying out local civil engineering work and at present major work is being taking place around the southern part of the city – Torry and Kincorth. In the north side, the work in the Woodside & Northfield areas is under progress. As construction is rapidly being executed in the first city of Scotland, the network provider has also contracted with a firm Actavo for carrying out civil engineering works to bringing their network.

CityFibre’s Development Manager for Aberdeen – Allan McEwan said that Aberdeen was the first city of Scotland under their roll out of full fibre broadband network to 5m premises in the UK. It is wonderful that the city’s first homes are now connected with the new network. This is an important part of the city’s digital history and the benefits of such network will be many such as business growth with more productivity and innovation, smart technology usage by the residents and helpful for those work from home effectively and efficiently.

Their next engagement of Actavo is showing that they are very serious in completing their network roll out and they feel happy as they have been joined by the co-leaders of Aberdeen City Council to work closely to see the progress.

Vodafone’s City Manager for Aberdeen – Chris Carroll said that they got fantastic response from the residents of Aberdeen for their services offered to them. Vodafone’s brand ambassadors are in the process of explaining about the services that will be going to make difference in the city and around 5000+ homes can get access to full fibre network. The first homes in Aberdeen are getting connected with new connection.

Their Gigafast service packages will cost from £28 a month on a contract term of 18 months for unlimited 100 Mbps package along with free installation to £48 a month on their top tier package of 900 Mbps.

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