Analysis Of AOL Broadband’s Performance


Broadband can be referred as a group of technologies that provide high speed data access or connectivity using telephone wiring or cable TV wiring, and can be used for both business purposes and for home networks. AOL broadband is an established Internet Service Provider, and has been one among the earliest companies to gain popularity among public. AOL was providing dial up connections in the earlier stages, and with the increasing demand and prevalence of broadband, they too switched the domain to provide reliable as well as faster broadband connections.

AOL Broadband won the hearts of many soon after the launch with its offer of unlimited download capacity, fast connection, comely customer service and irresistible offers. No matter if you are a novice or an expert in internet surfing, AOL Broadband provides you various services to meet the requirements. AOL is a good guide and teacher for starters since it helps you to navigate through the web page searches easily. AOL Broadband is more like a buffet which avails you a wide variety to choose from. Moreover the amiable customer service is always ready to troubleshoot the issues if any.

AOL broadband offers many exciting deals to the customers, and the major hotspot of AOL is the unlimited usage, which enthralls netsavies. Fast and stable connections and ease of installation are other highlights of this UK ISP. AOL broadband has also offered a decent Dell Laptop along with some of its broadband connections. AOL Broadband provide a wide variety of services that pleases all users, and surf experts will love the AOL’s “to do” category. The users are taken into new realms of internet surfing which indeed enthralls the ace net-freaks.

However there is a common accusation about the drastic changes in the network efficiency and speed after Carphone Warehouse’s acquistion of AOL. Carphone Warehouse is one of the leading mobile phone retailer in UK, and has acquired AOL broadband last year. Many of the customers are dissatisfied with the present status of AOL broadband performance as the network is slower than the usual broadband connections and much expensive too. The slower reaction speed is mainly because of the large memory occupied and the size of network. Though, CPW-AOL are bribing laptops for the users to get the connection, it is alleged largely that very few net services other than simple web browsing can be accessed effectively using these connections.

Some of the users pointed out the fact that most of the time is spent for buffering than playing music while using AOL broadband after its migration to CarPhone Warehouse. Moreover the phone line provided along the CPW-AOL broadband connection is accused to be ‘dead’ most of the time. Many of the long time users are extremely disappointed with the current performance of the network, which may cause precarious effects to the company. Moreover the customers are deeply exasperated with the present customer service too, which was once well known for its winsomeness.

Broadband is one of the most competitive domain and all leading companies are giving tempting offers and free speed upgrades to please the customers and to improve the brand reputation. Unlike the usual trend, the AOL broadband’s trashing its reputation as a reliable ISP, could be a menace to the organisation in the near future. Moreover, competent broadband offers are available from other leading Internet Service Providers currently for more reasonable estimates, which has been another blow for AOL Broadband. CarPhone Warehouse and AOL officials have to take these user allegations into account to take remedial measures soon to avoid dicey consequences.

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