5 ISPs express their interest for USO of 10 Mbps

The regulating authority Ofcom has informed that there are five ISPs BT, Hyperoptic, KCOM, Quickline and Broadway Partners expressed their interest to become suppliers for Universal Service Obligation. The service is to provide a minimum broadband speed of 10 Mbps from 2020 to all those in a slow speed area.

The USO is focused on servicing the last 1-2% of premises in the United Kingdom who are in the very slow speed areas where they are not likely to be served by a superfast broadband network. The coverage is estimated at around six lakhs premises in 2020 or nine lakhs as per today’s estimation.

But the service of USO is not an automatic, those who wish to enjoy this benefit must apply for it and given only to those in poorly served areas where there is no possibility future upgradation in network. The ISPs will be funding the obligation through Universal Service Fund and the prices under this plan would be uniform, same price wherever you live.

USO Specification

  • 10 Mbps minimum download “sync” speed
  • 1 Mbps minimum upload “sync” speed
  • For speech applications, there is a medium response time not more than 200ms with end to end latency.
  • Maximum sharing between customers – 50:1.
  • 100 GB minimum data allowance.
  • A technology neutrality design.

But as of now Ofcom has not finalised on the new USO funding and how it would be extracted or which ISPs can supply. In the month of June, Ofcom invited for expression of interest from the providers. The current update shows the responses received from those interested.

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