4G Mobile rural coverage contract to WHP Telecoms

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are going to get benefited with new 4G Mobile Coverage as the scotland government last week announced about their plan to give a contract to Warrington based WHP Telecoms. The government has planned to invest £25m into 4G Infill Programme to build high masts networks, thereby to improve mobile coverage to the most non-reachable rural areas of Highlands and Islands and chosen WHP Telecoms. WHP Telecoms is one of the established service provider of professional and network support in the wireless telecom sector.

The project is targeted to cover about 60-70 areas which are the locations with totally out of coverage areas on highlands and islands as reported in the beginning of this year. The work is expected to begin in the end of 2018 and will be executed in 4 years by the end of 2022.

The purpose of improving 4G Mobile coverage mean that communities in the remote areas can be able to get faster internet through mobile broadband networks by providing the high masts with that much of support and capacity by various operators such as Vodafone, Three UK, EE & O2. The scheme will also benefit the UK’s targets of overall mobile coverage.

Scottish Connectivity Minister – Paul Wheelhouse said that as a part of their mobile coverage plan, the government has legislated and relaxes their planning controls to make it easy for the operators to deploy infrastructure and considers other things for future actions also. The 4G Infill Programme is a critical level of Mobile Action Plan by Scottish government.

The earlier announcement in March 2018 disclosed that around 16 locations are to be deployed with the network initially. We should also remember that deploying new mobile infrastructure in remote areas is not an easy process and the problems may be due to getting planning permission, wayleave agreements, difficulty in confirming not spots areas, getting power supply etc. Now the plan is under action.

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