Be broadband service with 44Mbps

Be Broadband, one of the popular providers of home broadband service in the United Kingdom has been reported to be planning to launch its much awaited bonded broadband internet service of 44Mbps. If realised this could be the fastest broadband service attempted by the broadband providing firm owned by Telefonica.

The news was revealed by the popular broadband comparison website ISPreview. According to the website’s claim, Be Broadband was pllaning to launch its new broadband service boasting of access speeds of up to 44Mbps. As a matter of fact, the provider has been working on the scheme for around eighteen months since it started testing the service in a series of pilots.

The much touted super fast broadband service from Be Broadband bears the term ‘bonded’ for its involving the linkage of a couple of unbundled ADSL2+ broadband lines with a view to a faster connection.

Another significant aspect of this enticing broadband internet connection is its delivering upstream rates of up to 5Mbps, which is tremendous in its own rights. The service is expected to be offered to select bands of the Pro Broadband package customers of the UK ISP, and this would take place somewhere around the next month.

Meanwhile, the information about the internet service provider’s plans have been reportedly passed on to the consumers through intimate conversations.

Be Broadband has been seen moving ahead on a tremendous note since the beginning of the New Year, as it has also introduced the first broadband service without traffic shaping in the United Kingdom for a price of GBP 8 per month.

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