40Mbps Fibre Broadband offered by Zen in the UK

Zen Internet, the popular broadband internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom has let out its plans to rollout super-fast broadband internet connections of up to 40Mbps connection speeds.

According to sources, the broadband service provider based in Rochdale would be offering fibre optic broadband connections to both business and residential customers from September this year.

The precise UK broadband connection speeds provided by the internet service provider would range between 15Mbps and 40Mbps. The upload speeds offered by the firm range between 2Mbps and 10Mbps.

However, the project is understood to be quite much in its infant stage with Zen Internet only undertaking a fibre optic service trial for a chosen few customers and its own employees, currently.

Meanwhile, Zen Internet has also set up a dedicated web page for promoting the new broadband initiative of its, which would accommodate the details of the subscribers of Zen that wish to be a part of the commercial fibre optic trial.

It is also noteworthy that the internet service provider has repudiated the charge of its implementing the Fair Usage Policy with a view to cap data download limits on its fresh service.

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