40Mbps Broadband Service Mooted by Eclipse Internet

One of the popular UK broadband suppliers operating in the country, Eclipse Internet has unveiled its plans to leap on board the CN (21st Century Network) wagon that stands to trial a fresh next generation superfast fibre optic broadband network.

The developments of the late also imply that the broadband internet customers of Eclipse Internet could be a few of the first consumers in the United Kingdom to benefit from the FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) pilot that began officially in the month of October. It is obvious that these consumers will also be provided with an enhanced online experience.

Another aspect – probably the most significant of all – of the FTTC trials is that it offers both the home broadband as well as business broadband users in the country an upload speed of 5Mbps and a download speed of 40Mbps.

Eclipse Internet’s director Clodagh Murphy commented on the fibre broadband upgrade that demand among the business and individual customers for faster broadband internet solutions was continuing apace. He added that Eclipse has been hosting services and broadband to businesses and homes across the country for more than fourteen years.

Murphy further claimed that they were highly excited to carry on being at the forefront of internet broadband advancements besides being part of the fibre to the cabinet trial.

At present, up to sixty business and home broadband customers of Eclipse Internet are participating in the fibre to the cabinet pilot, which on getting concluded in December, would be continued for all the customers using their fibre optic broadband connection that had participated in the trials.

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