40Mbps Broadband Package Launched by Eclipse

It is quite refreshing that more players are entering the field of superfast fibre optic broadband sector following Virgin Media and BT.

This can be called nothing less that a historical moment for the popular internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, Eclipse Internet as it has announced the launch of its own fibre optic broadband packages based on fibre to the cabinet technology.

It is quite significant as the two proposed fibre optic broadband packages of Eclipse Internet; Eclipse Fibre and Eclipse Fibre Pro are potent enough to deliver download speeds of up to 40Mbps (which would directly put them as competitors to Virgin Media’s and BT’s services) and upload speed of 10Mbps.

Eclipse Internet has also promised the aspiring customers a thoroughput speed of 12Mbps and the service is expected to go live on April 12 for the existing customers and April 19 for the fresh customers.

The packages predominantly being business focused, will have their prices starting from GBP 39.95 a month with an additional GBP 75 as installation charge. This package includes the visit of an engineer to sum up.

Eclipse Internet with its fresh announcement would fall only next to internet service providers BT and AAISP in launching broadband services based on FTTC technology. The broadband provider claims to have successfully trialed the service with their existing customers before coming up with the announcement.

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