New plan for Wi-Fi and mobile Gigabit connectivity on rail routes

Travellers on a regular train route will usually find not-spots for both their mobile phone and broadband signals, which happens from being too far away from a transmission mast, or travelling through a tunnel, to just because of too much demand for a local mast from people on a train. Apparently, the government has noticed […]

Scottish cities are getting ultrafast broadband on

People living in places of Glasgow and Edinburgh will benefit from the ultrafast broadband speeds offered by the technology. Ahead of a nationwide rollout by Openreach, so far the latest ultrafast service is being offered to over 390,000 homes and businesses. By 2020, the rollout aims to reach 12 million premises in the UK. […]

First Utility, energy and broadband supplier, acquired by Shell

Fitst Utility, the energy and broadband supplier, has been acquired by Shell Petroleum Company Ltd, the giant Anglo-Dutch oil company. Share holders of First Utility have agreed to sell the business and the deal will be completed in the early part of next year, subject to the regulatory and other approvals. In a move to […]

Virgin Media Broadband down on Boxing Day

Virgin Media’s broadband service suffered an outage on Boxing Day, at the very peak of the season’s shopping frenzy. The provider seems to have become increasingly less reliable during this year and this outage tops it all! Over 10 million of Virgin Media’s British customers surfing for bargains online, would have been bitterly disappointed. The […]

Gigabit Broadband Vouchers being issued by councils to businesses under new scheme

Under the new pilot scheme of the government, vouchers worth up to £3,000 are being issued to help firms install connections of 1,000Mbps+. The pilot scheme worth £2 million has enabled them, claims Warwicknet the business ISP, to be one of the first to issue a Gigabit Broadband Voucher. The scheme was launched last month, […]

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