Openreach and Northumberland join to launch £2.2m rural community broadband fund

The Northumberland County Council has been joined by Openreach to launch a new community fund to expand coverage to 95% of county premises, by the end of the year. The £2.2 million community fund would help give access to superfast broadband (24Mbps+) to a further 2,000 local premises. The new fund is inviting those communities […]

Phase 1 rollout of fibre broadband in Orkney completed by Openreach

As part of the digital Scotland project, the Phase 1 roll-out of fibre broadband services, on the FTTP/C tech by Openreach (BT), has been completed as per Highlands and Islands Enterprises in remote Orkney, the Scottish archipelago. Earlier, properties of Orkney had to be served via a Microwave (radio) wireless link. However, a few years […]

Hockworthy and Holcombe Rogus to get high-speed broadband by Openreach

Hockworthy and Holcombe Rogus, both villages in Devon, are to be the first to benefit from high-speed fibre broadband access, via Fibre-to-the-Cabinet technology, from a boost in funding for communities, for parts particularly hard to reach ones, reachable under Openreach’s roll-out, via the Community Fibre Partnership scheme. About 160 households in these villages stand to […]

Vodafonre and Openreach talk on joint venture to roll out ultrafast broadband

According to press reports, Vodafone is understood to be in talks with Openreach on a joint investment to roll out ultrafast broadband across major cities of UK. Sources say the two providers are in early and serious talks. They would like to jointly invest to deploy fibre-optic cables, initially in the major cities, to replace […]

Arqiva to improve 4G and WiFi coverage in Kingston-upon-Thames

Arqiva, the wireless infrastructure developer, will be improving 4G and Wi-Fi coverage in the Royal Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames. The firm has bagged a 10-year concession contract that enables it to install Small Cell, or radio access nodes, across the borough. The Small Cell units are usually installed on the sides of buildings and street furniture, […]

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