Superfast Dorset’s new ‘voucher’ scheme to give superfast access for communities

The Superfast Dorset programme has acted proactively to help properties in poorly serviced areas get superfast broadband access, by launching a new community broadband fund. The idea is similar to the ‘broadband voucher’ scheme and offers to eligible premises of the community a maximum of £1,500 to get the connection. Superfast Dorset programme has claimed […]

Cityfibre and NGC partnering to bring 1Gbps network to Wakefield’s firms

Cityfibre and NGC Networks are partnering to support a 1Gbps capable FTTP service and Ethernet network to serve Wakefield city in West Yorkshire. Cityfibre, the fibre optic network developer has acquired the existing dark fibre optic network in Wakefield from KCOM earlier in the ending of 2015, it may be recalled. Cityfibre aims to use […]

Trial of 5G ultrafast Fixed Wireless by Arqiva and Samsung go live in London

The first trial of a multi-Gigabit speed Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) system based on 5G, has gone live in London, confirmed Samsung and Arqiva, the wireless infrastructure provider. The FWA broadband network that uses the 28Hz millimetre wave radio spectrum band is being tested over distances of several hundreds of metres. The 2-way link achieved […]

Cityfibre built full-fibre Gigabit network in Southend goes live on first connections

Cityfibre has announced that their deployment in Essex, running over Southend -on-Sea, has got the first connections going live. The FTTP-based ultrafast broadband and Ethernet network, worth £3.2 million, is being supported by Onecom, the business ISP. The optic-fibre network, which is part of of the Cityfibre’s 10-year Dark Fibre project, has now expanded to […]

Superfast Broadband coverage reaches 90% mark on Better Broadband for Suffolk project

The deployment of a FTTC/P-based superfast broadband network, has reached 90% of premises by now, via the Better Broadband for Suffolk project. The next target for 2020 is 98% of coverage. Overall, an additional 123,684 homes and businesses have been passed by the deployment. In fact, Suffolk has been one of the fist regions to […]

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