EE to be drawn into BT’s wider consumer group

EE, the mobile operator acquired by BT, will be drawn into BT’s wider consumer group. The ties between the two have so far been limited to a dual advertising campaign. The deepening of ties will expectedly conclude into a full merger within a period of 4 years, to form a £10 billion colossus with interests […]

Pure copper DSL lines overtaken by cable and fibre broadband, says Point Topic

Analysing the latest data got from ISPs in UK, it’s been concluded that for the first time older DSL broadband service lines have been overtaken by lines provided by the faster DOCSIS technology and ‘fibre’ based technology on FTTC/P/H/B services. The data obtained was summarised by Point Topic and it was found that over 23,834,000 […]

More public investment in broadband wanted by TUC

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has published a new analysis of household debts. The TUC has called for a lot more investment into broadband and other areas, to tackle the shortage of well-paid jobs. The analysis by the body which represents 50 unions that is representing about 5.6 million workers in Britain, says unsecured debt […]

Projects of BDUK put an extra 4.2 million premises on superfast broadband in Q1

Broadband Delivery UK has revealed in its latest Q1 progress report, that it has helped over 4.2 million extra premises to get connected to superfast broadband service, thus taking it to 92% of premises in UK to get access to superfast broadband on fixed line, with speeds of 24Mbps+. During the first quarter of the […]

Will you ditch your slow landline for Three’s mobile broadband?

With the launch of the HomeFi 4G broadband service, Three UK is hoping to persuade you to drop your ISP’s standard non-fibre broadband connection, if you live in an area with strong 4G signal. Chances are that you landline delivered broadband is slower than mobile 4G based broadband. Three UK is hoping to end this […]

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