EE plans 4G coverage of rural parts via balloons and drones

EE of UK has got the largest 4G network in the country and plans to deliver 4G mobile coverage to remote rural parts using balloons and drones. The operator has demonstrated its new technology to reach remote areas left uncovered by traditional tech. EE proposes to use mini mobile masts to provide 4G coverage over […]

Worldwide mobile broadband speed rankings put UK at 26th

OpenSignal has come out with its latest ‘Global State of Mobile Networks’ report and has ranked the United Kingdom for Mobile Broadband at the 26th place in the world. UK has scored an overall speed of 15.13Mbps on mobile networks (3G/4G). Compared against the other major states of EU, such as France, Italy, Spain and […]

Government pressure on BT and Ofcom to resolve Openreach dispute

Government is understood to be putting pressure on BT and Ofcom to resolve their dispute regarding Openreach, as ministers seem frustrated with the stand-off between them. Ofcom had taken a stand on the future of BT’s infrastructure subsidiary Openreach, ordering BT to legally separate it and turn it into a distinct company having a board […]

Stone in Gloucesterhire installed with 100Mbps wireless broadband access

A rural English village in Gloucestershire, Stone, will be able to access superfast broadband at speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Residents of Stone have been benefited with a new wireless network, thanks to ISP Rural Broadband (of Oxford) and Wireless Excellence teaming up for the project that has got backing from both the Diocese […]

Deployment of 5G mobile services likely in early 2019, says Ericsson

According to the head of business unit networks at Ericsson, Arun Bansal, the deployment of 5G mobile service and the first phones using this next generation of mobile network, is likely to be in early 2019. He said operators will soon be bringing 5G out of the lab, to trial a commercial deployment initially and […]

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