TrueSpeed begins deployment in next phase of FTTP brodband rollout in Somerset

TrueSpeed Communications will soon provide their 100Mbps capable Fibre-to-the Premises (FTTP) broadband service to new rural communities placed in North East Somerset in England on the next phase of deployment. The ISP has started taking pre-orders from these communities. The rural village of Priston earlier became the first community to officially benefit from the new […]

KCOM’s fibre broadband rollout in East Yorkshire reaches 78,000 premises

Telecoms operator KCOM of Hull and East Yorkshire, is rolling out fibre-optic broadband services under its ongoing “Lightstream” programme and has revealed that the service has reached 78,000 home and businesses. The service has already connected 26,000 premises, of which 1,700 are businesses, showing an uptake of 33.33%. The programme deploying mainly their ultrafast FTTP […]

B4RN to build own team for civil engineering, for its rural FTTH rollout

B4RN is the community built project that is deploying Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband networks over rural and remote parts across Yorkshire (England), Cumbria and Lancashire. These areas are those overlooked by commercial projects. B4RN has begun to build its own civil engineering team. The company itself is nearly entirely community funded. Its fibre-optic network has been […]

FibreWiFi ISP is now supplier for subsidy voucher scheme

The service provider FibreWiFi has become an approved supplier for the Universal Broadband Voucher Scheme of the government. The subsidy scheme worth £60 million, is a kind of stopgap solution to help meet the government’s goal of the USC (Universal Service Commitment) of 2Mbps for all. The voucher scheme introduced towards the end of 2015, […]

Church of England offers help to boost rural wireless broadband reach

The Church of England (CoE) is reported to have offered help to boost connectivity across rural areas through wireless networks. Alternative wireless broadband providers can get access to some 10,000 churches under CoE, to install their kit on top of church spires and towers, if everything gets agreed upon. According to ‘The Guardian’, the offer […]

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