Rollout of faster broadband to benefit Midlothian users soon

In the latest phase of the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme, high-speed fibre broadband is set to arrive at Midlothian, to benefit hundreds more homes and businesses here. The next stage of the Scottish rollout would move past the halfway mark of the £410 million project, to pass some 73,000 premises nationwide. For the first […]

First trail of broadband is in Huntingdon

BT Openreach’s first trial of broadband technology will be in Huntingdon, covering 2,000 homes and businesses, to make it part of the world’s biggest trial of a new technology in ultrafast broadband. If successful, BT Openreach would be providing speeds of hundreds of megabits per second to premises by 2020 and speeds reaching 500Mbps […]

Gigaclear to give Cotswolds homes FTTP broadband at 1Gbps

The Fastershire contract to supply to 6,495 additional rural premises in Gloucestershire (England) by the end of 2017, an ultra-fast FTTP based broadband line, has gone to the ISP Gigaclear. The contract has been signed in June of 2015 with a £7 million private investment from Gigaclear and with funds of public investment of £3 […]

ADSL2 broadband from street-cabinet not deployed by BT Openreach

The ADSL2+ broadband technology that was proposed to be directly deployed from the street-cabinet on the FTTC network, instead of from the telephone exchange is yet to see the light of day. BT Openreach had last year revealed this interesting technology (capale of delivering up to 20Mbps) and which if deployed will bring faster speeds […]

Better mobile and broadband coverage help rural areas thrive, says Chancellor

Chancellor Osborne, when speaking about a 10-point plan by the government to better productivity in rural areas, said that investing in mobile and broadband networks will support the right conditions for rural businesses and communities to thrive. The plan envisages the need for extensive, fast and reliable broadband and also better the mobile network coverage […]

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