Prime Music free for UK broadband subscribers on Amazon Prime

Broadband subscribers on UK’s Amazon Prime will get Prime Music for fee, at no extra cost. The customers of Amazon Prime, including the cheaper and faster delivery option for certain parcels, typically remit an annual subscription fee of £79, which allows access to Instant Video streaming which was formerly LOVEFILM. A 30-day free trial is […]

Ofcom to make switching of mobile provider easier for customers

Ofcom, the national telecoms regulator, proposes to make changes to simplify the process of switching to a different Mobile Network Operator, thus making it easier for customers. A consultation has been launched by Ofcom to look at possible options, including adopting a Gaining Provider Led (GPL) solution, for switching. This would put the responsibility for […]

Public Wi-Fi hotspots to be installed in Hull city centre

Plans to provide free Wi-Fi access in Hull city centre is expected to fructify in September, as the Hull City Council is expected to finalise a tendering exercise to award a contract for installing the WiFi hotsports. The contract could be extended for the telecoms company capable of installing the many free Wi-Fi hotspots across […]

Government mulls on broadband levy to fix notspots, slowspots

It seems that UK government is considering a new “levy” (Tax) on broadband ISPs to raise hundreds of millions of pounds to provide the final 5% of coverage, to offer all Britons internet access. Some £500 million is needed to bring superfast broadband (24Mbps+) connectivity to the last remaining slowspots and notspots across the United […]

BT launches pilot scheme for free WiFi in 100 public libraries

The government has pledged to support public libraries by providing them with internet and WiFi connectivity, as per the March 2015 Budget. The government has set out to fulfil its £7.4 million commitment to fund them. BT and Barclays is launching the related scheme as a pilot across the county, for 100 libraries and community […]

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