Free WiFi to access internet at Colchester town centre now live

The deal Colchester Council had signed in last May has fructified now, with Wi-fi going live in the town. Arqiva was contracted to install Wi-fi with pay-as-you-go service, called @Colchester WiFi, but was delayed owing to their backlog of projects. The free Wi-fi service now live across Colchester town centre helps visitors get free internet […]

4G LTE-A mobile broadband test by EE yields 410Mbps speeds

EE is proceeding with its plans to introduce a new variant of the latest LTE-Advanced based 4G network, capable of delivering 400Mbps. The mobile operator planing to introduce this version at the Wembley Stadium in 2015 has possibly taken a step forward by conducting the LTE-Category 9 Carrier-Aggregation Interoperability Test. The test was conducted with […]

Digital Scotland adds 170,000 more premises on BT’s Fibre Broadband

The Digital Scotland project announced recently the addition of 170,000 more premises in its deployment of fibre broadband in Scotland, which significantly adds to the 150,000 connections set up in November of this year. The Digital Scotland programme supported by a £408.9 million state aid, aims to reach 85% of Scotland’s premises with BT’s fibre […]

Millions of Home Routers at risk by ‘Misfortune Cookie’ flaw

Researchers at Check Pont have found a critical vulnerability affecting millions of Home and SME Routers, which seems to have gone unnoticed for more than a decade. The serious security flaw, detected by the firm’s Malware and Vulnerability Reasearch Group, called the ‘Misfortune Cookie’ flaw, will be highlighted at the forthcoming security conference by Check […]

Chichester gets faster broadband, on hybrid wireless & fibre service by Blaze, this Christmas

It’s a happy Christmas to Chichester in West Sussex, as it gets access to superfast broadband, thanks to a new ISP named Blaze Wireless. Blaze announced that they have installed their hybrid broadband network which has fibre-optic and wireless devices to cover central Chichester. They claim it has ‘carrier grade’ capability and delivers speeds of […]

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