BBfN project brings superfast broadband for more Nottinghamshire County areas

Nottinghamshire County areas such as Warsop, Farnsfield and Bilsthorpe have been earmarked for the purpose of getting superfast broadband soon, under the £19.8 million project BBfN (Better-Broadband for Nottinghamshire). This broadband programme is being run jointly by BT and the Nottinghamshire County Council. Under this project, by spring 2015, the majority of businesses and homes […]

Internet security risks increase when mobile apps are left signed in

Intercede, a digital identity firm, has compiled a survey featuring 2,000 consumers and has concluded that mobile broadband internet security risks increase when mobile apps are kept signed in. This study has revealed that when sensitive mobile apps are kept by default as automatically signed into, the ultimate end users of mobile phones are simply […]

Tisbury gets wireless broadband, thanks to Wessex Internet

Tisbury village, located in the Wiltshire County’s south west area, has been enabled with wireless broadband having 50 Mbps speeds, thanks to the internet service provider Wessex Internet, an ISP venture launched by M12 Solutions, a telecoms and connectivity company. The Tisbury village, with a population of around 2,000 people is neighboring the adjacent Wyndham […]

EE customers get 4G broadband roaming in 14 new countries

Customers of EE, UK, will be able to get 4G roaming in 14 new countries. As EE secured new outbound roaming agreements in additional countries, their subscribers can enjoy 4G access while in those lands, with superfast connectivity. Countries included are Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Moldova, Luxembourg, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada […]

EE rated as the leading mobile broadband network in UK by Rootmetrics

EE has been rated as the leading mobile broadband network in UK by Rootmetrics. While this report gives the top ranking to EE, it also places Vodafone as the worst in the UK. Four of UK’s main mobile operators EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 were assessed by Rootmetrics for this survey report based upon multiple […]

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