UK lobbying for more regulations on Internet Data

An EU court, during May 2014, ruled against and turned down the UK regulation which needed ISP’s to retain all their electronic data for a time period of two years. The EU also reasoned this decision to infringement on the private life of individuals along with violation of data protection rules. Resultantly, the UK government […]

Aviva’s Heart Bleeds, account of a Shocking Cyber Attack

Aviva, the largest insurer in the UK, has been subjected to a cyber attack during the end of May 2014, that’s just last month. This data breach has led to the entire insurance industry introspecting on security issues regarding the stature of their respective internal systems against being attacked by hackers in the cyber space. […]

Digital Disparity in Broadband Speeds among different UK locations

An Ofcom study has clearly exposed the appalling differences in the overall broadband speeds that exist between the rural and the urban locations across the UK. This digital disparity is also witnessing wide variations between different cities, thus you can typically find Birmingham and London edging out Inverness and Cardiff in download speeds by a […]

EE announces Voice Calling Facility over its Wi-Fi Network

Towards raising the bar and improving the existing quality of customer service, EE has announced the launch of its state-of-the-art Wi-Fi calling facility, during this autumn. Once introduced, this technology will facilitate EE customers in making voice calls in places with only Wi-Fi coverage, but no need of EE’s mobile network at all and no […]

Hyperoptic now offering half price for first 6 months on Home broadband packs

Hyperoptic, a fibre-based ISP of UK, is rolling out Fibre-to-the-Home/Building network connections across many regions in UK. Their network offers 1,000 Mbps capable fibre broadband to many cities, including London, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Reading, Cardiff and Bristol. The internet provider is now offering their services at half-price to customers for the first 6 months of […]

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