More Worcestershire UK Parishes benefited with Airband broadband

Worcestershire County Council (WCC) will support a ¬£700k scheme that will help Airband, a fixed wireless ISP to provide for the first time faster broadband connections to more than 100 customers in the rural parts of Worcestershire. This new network is expected to cover 14 parish communities in Worcestershire covering about 200 businesses and 2000 […]

EE’s 4G roll-out misses rural parts of Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire has witnessed the launch of superfast mobile broadband in their county. People around Oxford city centre and surrounding areas will be benefited by the 4G network, put up by EE in the area. It is part of the national programme to reach up to 70% of the population in United Kingdom with this technology, […]

Sky partners with Sir David Attenborough for new 3D project

The veteran broadcaster¬† and well known personality, Sir David Attenborough, and Sky are again partnering for 2 new 3D projects. One is titled ‘Conquest Of The Skies’ and the other is ‘Natural History Museum Adventure’. The programmes will be presented by Sir Attenborough, who will be also writing it. It would be developed by the […]

Putting Red-Amber-Green Rating on government superfast broadband projects

The government’s Major Projects Authority (MPA) uses a Red-Amber-Green (RAG) Rating system to evaluate the progress of projects and on how likely they are to reach their goals. The MPA set up in 2010 aims to improve the ‘delivery success rate’ of major projects that are publicly funded. The MPA helps the collaboration between various […]

Survey finds 6% of Sky customers likely to switch to BT

In a survey conducted by Usurv researchers it was found that around 6% of Sky TV customers are contemplating on switching over to BT. After the poll, Advance Television has reported that Sky customers were interested in getting the BT Sport channel, that is to be launched in August this year. 8% of customers who […]

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