Deal signed between O2 UK and BT Wholesale for faster 4G mobile broadband

BT Wholesale and O2 UK have signed a ten year deal for the introduction of faster 4G mobile broadband services. This is to facilitate both customers and operators through the construction of a new high capacity transmission network. This new network is aimed at providing mobile operators with enough network capacity in order to meet […]

FTTC broadband speeds will not be increased as of now, BT confirms

It has been decided by BTOpenreach that there are currently no plans to increase the broadband speeds of FTTC beyond the available speed of 80 Megabits per second. BT had earlier announced that broadband speeds of FTTC will be increased to 100Mbps+. However, Openreach is keenly watching over the technical options that are available so […]

Virgin Media has now in UK 4.49 million subscribers on their superfast cable network

The provider of internet services over broadband cable network, Virgin Media, has announced that their total base of broadband subscribers have increased by over 25,500 in the quarter. Growth has been contributed by the subscriber increase in superfast cable platform of Virgin Media, which is now totalling to 4,309,600. Virgin National’s non-cable broadband users numbers […]

New code to restrict adult content on WiFi networks, UK government confirms

The UK government has announced that proper measures will be taken to curb adult content on WiFi networks. Hence, according to the UK Prime Minister a new Code of Conduct will be formed so that transmission of adult content can be totally stopped through public WiFi hotspots. As WiFi service is now available free or […]

Internet usage is rising in the UK, Ofcom reports

The latest Ofcom report on internet usage reveals that the percentage of usage is rising inspite the fact that 15% of the population in the UK does not have internet connection at all. Lack of interest in internet activities has been cited as the reason behind not taking internet connectivity. It was also found that […]

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