Study shows big divide of Broadband Speeds in Postcode districts

A study by USwitch reveals huge differences of internet speeds in different Postcode districts. Up to 89% difference in speeds of the Broadband ISPs between postcode districts were observed. 30 of the biggest “Post” towns were considered in the research, conducted from December 1, in 2012, to February 29, in 2013. Internet speed tests were […]

Ofcom report: EE UK Home Broadband complaints the highest

According to Ofcom, the fourth quarterly customer complaints report for fixed line Home Broadband of EE doubled when compared to other ISPs. Sky scored the lowest for complaints related to fixed line internet providers. The report was framed on the telecoms companies with market share more than 4%. An average of 0.7 complaints for every […]

4G mobile broadband launch pushed to Q4 2013, Three UK reports

Three UK has announced that its 4G (LTE) product will arrive only in Q4 of 2013. This company recently secured 800MHz band by spending £225m during the Ofcom’s auction. Also, it will add EE’s 1800MHz band during September 2013. Amidst demanding for more radio spectrum, few operators such as Vodafone and O2 may also plan […]

BT bags deal for Shropshire’s superfast broadband rollout

BT has bagged the contract from Shropshire County Council to provide superfast broadband to 93% of local businesses and homes that would reach about 130,000 premises. Speeds of up to 80 Mbps via FTTC/P solutions are expected. BT will provide the remaining areas with at least 2Mbps and also plant its FTTP network in some […]

Microsoft: FREE WiFi in branded London taxis and at UK Train Stations sponsored

Microsoft is all set to offer free wireless internet facilities at most number of train stations and also in branded taxis. It was decided as it joined with various companies to offer this facility. Microsoft will work with Ubiquitous Taxis and Track4Services to provide free Wifi service to branded cabs for 3 months. The software […]

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