UK and EU committed to fund research of 5G technologies

The UK government has committed to invest and help in research in 5G (5th Generation) technologies aimed at 2020. £35 million has been committed by the UK government last year to develop the next generation of mobile technology. Now the European Commission too has committed £43 million to help in 5G based Mobile Broadband technologies.  […]

Mobile World Congress event at Barcelona this year

Barcelona is hosting the biggest mobile industry event, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will run until February 28th 2013. Thousands of companies and about 60,000 delegates are expected to attend the event which will be witnessed by the most influential persons in the industry. Four mobile oriented companies which were selected during the UK […]

Ofcom issues Draft Statement to EC

A draft statement has been issued by Ofcom notifying European Commission (EC) about the proposal to cut price that businesses, mobile operators and ISPs pay to BT. Proposal is regarding the payment made to all parts of the UK except Hull and London on the wholesale Leased Line services with speeds more than 1 Gbps. […]

Shift in broadband Traffic Management policy by Virgin Media.

Virgin Media, a major cable operator of UK, has made a slight change in their Traffic Management Policy. This is because of the increasing usage of Tablet computers and smartphones, and the way people use the internet as a result. Virgin Media has noticed over the past six months a shift of the timings of […]

Fibre-optic technology now second-biggest in the world

The Broadband Forum, a global consortium of leading industry players including institutions and consultants, has joined with Point Topic, a leading resource for broadband market data and analysis, to make a study. An interesting fact discovered is that the fibre-optic based ISP technology (using FTTx) has gone ahead of cable technologies (like of Virgin Media) […]

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