Deployment of UK Superfast Broadband to be sped up soon

A fresh consultation has been put forward by the Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport regarding the installation of new street poles and cabinets. Telecoms operators are given grace period of 5 years regarding this. Also, it will not require prior approval from the Local Planning Authority. According to the new proposal the deployment […]

New video standard H.265 approved helps better video streaming.

Video streaming speeds are subject to many factors. Speeds vary from frame to frame because of the complexity of the display and the format of encoding (codec) that is used. The best one present is H.264, which makes possible 1080p streams at a line speed of 3Mbps. There is great quality and little loss, compared […]

Partially sighted or blind people never used internet

Although internet seems to have reached every corner of the world, it is alarming to understand that it has still not reached the partially sighted or blind people. This came to light when a survey was recently conducted by BT and RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People). It was found that 87% of the […]

A spoof of Welsh government’s Superfast Broadband site.

An individual not happy with the £425 million finding for a scheme to roll-out superfast broadband to a projected 96% of the homes and businesses in Wales, has made a spoof of the official site. It’s named as Superfarce Wales (Cymru). The parody of the official website – Superfast Wales(Cymru)may be dismissed off as the […]

White Paper on new Communications Bill expected later this year.

The UK government’s White Paper on the new Communications Bill is expected to be published later in 2013. The delayed bill has some has some controversy as it expands Ofcom with powers to regulate telecoms, the internet, media sector and introduce online censorship of sorts. The delay has occurred owing to recent controversies, like the […]

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