East Midlands Train passengers to get free wireless service

East Midlands Train passengers will get free wireless service across 30 stations. This has been planned after Stagecoach Group teamed up with the Cloud ie., BSkyB. Although Wifi was laid only to stations before, now with the inclusion of Cloud it will be extended to retail, beverage and food venues too. Also, updates of London […]

What makes “slow speed” on FTTC broadband a fault

Over a BT FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet) based superfast broadband, when line rate falls by 25%, and is considered over a 14 day period, only then BT would consider it as a fault. We must understand that FTTC technology uses fast fibre-optic cable to reach the street level cabinet, while the shorter distances remaining (to homes), or […]

Roll-out of broadband in North Yorkshire rises job opportunities

There has been a steep rise in the percentage of employment in various places of constituency in North Yorkshire in the year 2012. Thanks to growing number of entrepreneurs and private sector businesses. It has been reported that there has been record number of growth in number of people going for job and also in […]

BT signs up Sunset+Vine for Premier League coverage production

The independent producer behind Channel-4’s successful coverage of the London-2012 Paralympics is Sunset+Vine. A £100 million plus contract has been awarded by BT to Sunset+Vine for production of the live coverage of matches of both Premier League football and Premiership rugby union. This move is part of BT’s strategy to challenge BSkyB’s market share in […]

Ambitious 4G coverage plans for UK delayed?

The plans of the coalition government to introduce Mobile Broadband through 3G and 4G services by 2017 seems to have been stalled for now. Ofcom originally intended to target 95% of UK with the 4G auction. Owing to the campaign of MP Rory Stewart it was enhanced to include 98% of the UK region. The […]

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