Dig It Yourself fibre cable connects rural Lancashire

Frustrated with the slow speed of dial-up internet connections, residents in Lancashire’s rural area decided to lay their own cable by digging a trench to get superfast broadband. The 64 km or 40-mike trench was dug by volunteers of 8 villages belonging to the Trough of Bowland. The trench now connects Manchester and the fibre-optic […]

Ofcom to soon decide upon white space broadband

Ofcom is planning to utilise gaps that has been used by radio spectrum so that it can improve on rural broadband and WiFi and also improve communication between machines. The gaps so called as ‘white spaces’ exist between frequency bands and are used for TV broadcasting. These spaces can now be used to receive and […]

Cornwall gets BT’s 10Gbps broadband trial

Internet download-speeds of 10 Gbps will be tested at a business concern called Arcol UK Ltd in Cornwall, according to BT. To support this a new technology called the Tens of Gigabits on a Passive Optical Network (XGPON) has been developed using its existing infrastructure of fibre optic broadband. Networking devices and computing devices actually slows […]

EE with Virgin Media to provide free London Underground WiFi

EE, the mobile operator will use in future the 72 free wireless internet access hotspots of Virgin Media’s network through the tube stations. The operator planned to offer free WiFi access using a paid model after Virgin Media had plans of offering the same only during the London Olympic Games 2012. The service was also […]

Quantum Key Distribution now on standard broadband fibre

Quantum cryptography is a very different kind of security scheme and unlike the one used on computer networks today. Today’s encryption is based on complex or complicated mathematical procedures. Extremely hard to crack… but not impossible. Quantum systems on the other hand uses the laws of quantum theory that have been seen inherently as unbreakable. […]

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