Email and broadband speed

Having a wide range of broadband service providers in the UK has made the internet facility more competitive than before. Telco’s as well as cable TV companies are fighting in order to earn the revenue which the users have earned by sweating their blood. Still it is good news for the customers for the service […]

Linksys X3000 Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router

Linksys X3000 Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router is one of the widely used and recommended models available in the market today. This wireless router astonishes the user with its high-speed performance and improved wireless connectivity. Operating on MIMO technology, it improves the signals and allows connectivity even from greater distances. Addition of 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports provides […]

New browsers from Firefox and Opera

Release of new versions of web browsers that would be free from a number of susceptibilities are announced by both Mozilla Firefox and Opera Software. Firefox version 12 is expected to plug 14 faults out of which seven were considered vital. These holes or vulnerabilities were exploited by criminals to install malware on web user’s […]

ClusterFuzz to improve Chrome’s security

Google, one of the leading search engines in the world uses a technique called ClusterFuzz, an industrial-strength testing system, to improve chrome’s security to find, analyze and to patch up security faults. The system is built by hundreds of virtual machines loaded with around 6000 Chrome instances accountable to millions of test cases daily. Google […]

Facebook’s Free anti-virus programs

The members of Facebook are offered the opportunity to download anti-malware programs free which could be used for six months. Previously Facebook’s flotation filing flagged the spamming issue by saying that the firm’s customers are currently using its services less and they may altogether stop using the firm’s products because of the spamming activities. Facebook […]

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