Toshiba PX1214E-2UPH USB VoIP Phone – Skype

Toshiba PX1214E-2UPH USB VoIP phone – Skype is a simple device that allows easy and cost-effective VoIP calling solutions to the customers. This handset is cleverly constructed and allows easy handling options. The handset measuring 220 x 152 x 34 cm and weighing 181g can be easily connected to the computer for making free internet […]

Broadband in Augmenting Profits in Small Businesses

Science and technology have been witnessing such excellent strides especially in the area of information technology that the world of internet has become an inevitable medium for conducting all kinds of communication today. The internet has become an important medium through which all kinds of business transactions including financial transactions are conducted today. All this […]

Myths Regarding Satellite Broadband

There are many places in the UK where it is not possible to get access to the Internet as they are distant far for DSL or cable to go their way. In places like this those who wish to avail of Internet access need to depend on Satellite broadband providers. However, there are quite a […]

TP-Link TD-W8950ND 150MBPS Wireless Lite N ADSL2+ Modem Router

TP-Link TD-W8950ND 150MBPS Wireless Lite N ADSL2+ Modem Router with improved speed, performance and connectivity becomes a valuable addition in every businesses and office. This desktop wireless router offers 150 Mbps data transfer rates delivering unbiased speed and improved efficiency. Full rate of ADSL2+ standard is supported by this device. Combining the functions of a […]

Three Methods To Hasten Your Broadband Internet

Broadband speeds are generally not too bad and if you have been experiencing slow speeds while accessing the Internet, it could be that you are facing some problem other than the fact that your ISP is not giving you the promised speed. Given below are three ways to hasten the speed of your broadband connection […]

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