Cyberphone V6545SK VOIP and Skype Compatible Internet Telephone

Innovatively designed, the Cyberphone V6545SK VOIP and Skype Compatible Internet Telephone clearly becomes one of the stylish VoIP phones in the market. This compact, two-piece USB phone features a keypad with conveniently positioned keys. You can dial numbers, access the menu and make calls in quickly and easily. This VoIP phone can be connected to […]

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile broadband modems

Mobile broadband, a small USB device offers ease, convenience and flexibility for accessing internet on your computer. These wireless mobile broadband modems can be connected to your laptop or computer using the USB port. Unlike, the traditional modem or wireless router using fixed-line broadband, the mobile broadband is simple to operate and use. Air is […]

Huawei E585 MiFi Wireless Modem

The revolutionary Huawei E585 MiFi Wireless Modem owns a stunning body with innovative design. Clutter-free operation is possible with this wireless modem and its compact size allows easy transportation. It is so compact that you can carry it in your pockets or laptop bags. This wireless modem lets you access internet from anywhere. It effectively […]

Tips on understanding all aspects of broadband connections

Broadband connections, you know have become quite popular, be it in offices or at homes. However, not many of us understand about getting the best connection at a reasonable price. Hence, the guide provided here will help you to get the best possible connection. Types of Broadband and Services offered Broadband offers quick and simple […]

Solution for common broadband issues

Broadband users must have faced both minor and major issues with their broadband services or providers during their usage period. Some problems create frustrations in customers and they don’t know how to approach and solve the problem. Among these problems, slow and unsteady broadband speeds are one of the major concerns of the broadband users. […]

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