High quality broadband not available to many in UK

Banking on the facts revealed by a recently carried out research, an expert analyst in the UK broadband internet comparison segment has dared to say that a good number of broadband consumers in the United Kingdom were unhyappy regarding the broadband speed delivered to them. The opinion is of the product director at a broadband […]

Future internet could be 100 times faster

A recently made announcement by the government that the internet could in the future become a hundred times faster than what it was currently has presumably attracted the attention of a great part of the public in the United Kingdom. According to the revelations made by the minister for universities and sciences, David Willetts, the […]

Broadband packages may be destined by advertising rules

It is a possibility that the broadband packages with the ‘up to speed claims’ floated by most of the broadband service providers operating in the United Kingdom would disappear from the market stands in the near future, owing to changes made in the advertising regulations associated to broadband. It is noteworthy that for some years […]

Fibre broadband rural dream assisted by wireless solutions

With the United Kingdom very much on its way to become the best super-fast broadband country in Europe within five years – this is the dream of the Con-Lib government – much stress is on one sector; fibre optic broadband deployment in the rural areas of the country. One development taken place in the recent […]

Broadband UK: Great expectations not being met

A new outlook on the telecommunications sector of the United Kingdom say that the dissatisfaction level among the broadband internet customers in the country is a result of great expectations maintained by the consumers of the present times. This outlook has been put forth by the popular broadband comparison website based in the United Kingdom, […]

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