Broadband through power line in UK

Merseyside is eagerly and optimisticallt expecting the creation of a hundred fresh jobs, following a pilot that bodes superfast broadband internet access for over a thousand households through their electricty line. To be precise, a GBP 1 million SmartGrid pilot targeting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption currently involves more or less […]

New year wishlist for UK Government from TIGA

TIGA, the prominant video games trade organisation based in the United Kingdom has extended a New Year wish list to the government of the United Kingdom underlining that it would help in its sector’s growth as well as subsistence amidst its overseas rivals. Alongside, TIGA the representative of the gaming industry has reiterated its demand […]

Digital divide in the UK becoming more apparent

As UK broadband internet was becoming a significant part of the lives of the people in the United Kingdom over the past decade, for a great number of people most of them living in the rural areas, this commodity has been not as smoothly accessible as they would have expected. This situation has been conveniently […]

Faster broadband for Montrose businesses and homes

The latest upgrade of its telephone exchanges by the telecommunications giant of the United Kingdom, BT means that businesses and households in Montrose has gained high speed broadband access. Incidentally, BT has deployed the super-fast next generation fibre optic broadband technology in this Scottish town. The upgrade will initially benefit 6,700 premises in the region. […]

Scottish community die hard at the lead of BT Race to Infinity

Innerleithen, a Scottish Borders community had been identified as the top performer from Scotland by BT in its Race to Infinity campaign, when the internet service provider had made the last evaluation in the middle of December. Furthermore, in the United Kingdom rankings, the Scottish Borders community is not so comfortably placed at number five. […]

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