World Broadband Value League ranks UK 24th

In an interesting development, the telecommuniations regulator of the United Kingdom, Ofcom has claimed that the UK owned one of the world’s most competitive broadband internet markets, although it was of poor value for money. The watchdog’s claim has been based on a freshly carried out research. The new research conducted by the broadband market […]

Is BT really acting like a Digital Drug Dealer with its FIbre Broadband?

The broadband internet consumers in the United Kingdom that are looking ahead optimistically towards their country turning into a superfast broadband nation would obviously like to get to the roots of the fresh allegation faced by the leading fixed-line broadband provider of the country, BT that it was acting like a heroin dealer over its […]

In Britain 87% of Businesses are connected to Broadband

In a significant study on broadband penetration among the businesses of the United Kingdom, the figures bode good things for the country’s businesses in terms of their exposure towards broadband internet. To be preciser, the research showed that 87 per cent of the country’s businesses have broadband connections. Furthermore, the latest survey carried out by […]

TV viewing Habits may not change even in Superfast Broadband Era

Will the television viewing habits of the British public change considerably in an era of high speed broadband UK and on demand video and TV services? This remains the intriguing question under the present circumstances; or rather thus questions a broadband segment expert. According to Patrick Barwise, emeritus professor of marketing and management at London […]

Ofcom accused of restricting Rural Broadband Options

It is quite a significant development that a number of smaller internet service providers operating in the United Kingdom have been found to be complaining that the recent rural broadband rollout plans of the government of the UK were being jeopardised even before their beginning. It is particularly intriguing considering that the universal service commitment […]

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