Satellite and Wireless Viable Alternatives for Rural Broadband

While, the policymakers and the telecommunications companies across the United Kingdom were smoking their brains to find newer as well as better effective ways that could help in the successful completion of the superfast UK broadband rollout in the country, a telecommunications group has suggested satellite and wireless technology-based broadband services as the ideal alternatives. […]

Broadband Network of the UK requires Overall Improvement

The prominent communications company, Cisco’s view that ensuring superfast broadband access for the internet consumers across the United Kingdom required to be treated as a central issue has attracted much public attention. It is also important that alongside giving his statement on the internet segment of the United kingdom, Cisco has also welcomed the plans […]

Broadband Speeds could be affected by Home Hardware

It has been suggested by a prominent fixed-line broadband provider operating in the United Kingdom that that some consumers would require upgrading their hardware for accessing the fibre optic broadband to full potential. According to BT, the internet service provider that is currently rolling out its fibre optic-based superfast broadband service in the United Kingdom, […]

Virgin Media 100Mb Broadband Rollout’s High Cost Criticised

The high cost involved in the 100Mbps cable broadband servicerollout initiative of the prominent cable and fibre optic broadband provider operating in the United Kingdom, Virgin Media has been criticised by the country’s prominent fixed-line broadband and phone provider, BT. According to the claims of BT, the service that was launched on Thursday with prices […]

Most of Europe lags in FTTH Distribution, while Russia makes Hay

While most of the European countries were trailing their counterparts in Asia and North America in the context of fibre-to-the-home broadband distribution in their own premises, Russia has been one of the fastest growing European country with 1.2 million FTTH customers. According to the Fibre-to-the-Home council that promotes the advantages of directly connected fibre said […]

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