How to Use Sky Broadband Wirelessly

A customer of Sky Broadband internet service can use the connection wirelessly by engaging a wireless router. It is noteworthy here that there is no extra cost associated with engaging a wireless router. The customer can use laptops, game consoles, mobile phones or any other gadget, which uses a wireless broadband connection, once the connection […]

How to Use a Fax Modem

For using a Fax modem that allows the user to send documents to other fax machines one needs to follow some instructions. Firstly, the user needs to read the instruction manual coming with the fax modem. Here will be designated the type of expansion slot to be used for placing the modem card inside the […]

How to Use a Cable Modem as a Wired Router

Even during the modern times when the broadband routers can be dearly pieces of hardware, not many consumers know that they can change their cable modem into a wired router to deliver internet connectivity to a couple of separate locations. This method saved money as well as considerable hassle that otherwise accompanied while dealing with […]

How to use HTC Hero as a USB modem?

The user of HTC Hero smartphone can convert the phone into an active USB UK broadband modem, which says the user can always connect his laptop to the internet via it. For converting HTC Hero into a USB Modem, firstly the user needs to install the HTC Sync software, besides installing the USB driver on […]

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