How to Change the Password for Your Broadband Connection

A broadband internet connection secured by a password, which generates a security key on the router of the network is the perfect example of an ideal connection in terms of security. Wireless PCs, laptops and a range of other wireless devices use this security key to gain entry to the network and access the internet […]

How to Check Your Current Internet Speed

While majority of the cable broadband or DSL internet providers list a standard download and upload speed for their broadband service, one might have noticed that the speeds seemed to differ from their stated maximum speeds. If someone needs to check the speed at which his computer uploaded as well as downloaded data from his […]

How to Change a Wired Broadband Computer to a Wireless Broadband

For changing from a wired broadband computer to a wireless broadband computer the user would need to invest in two pieces of fresh equipment depending on the existing configuration. If the user currently owns a wireless broadband router with an inserted cable modem through the WAN port, he will require to determine whether to buy […]

UK Businesses say Broadband as Vital as Roads and Rail

The businesses in the United Kingdom maintain that access to the next generation super fast fibre optic broadband networks is as significant as advanced rail and road networks to their better functioning. This information has been brought to light by a recently carried out research. The relevant research was conducted by Virgin Media Business, and […]

How to Buy a Broadband Router

Broadband internet routers enable the users to share a single broadband connection among many computers. Generally, the broadband routers are used in smaller set ups such as homes or small offices. They are also called residential or home gateways. These routers predominantly support DSL or cable internet connections. Additional functions carried out by routers include […]

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