UK’s Broadband Divide to be highlighted by the World Cup

A fresh report has suggested that the year’s football world cup could flash vital light on the real quality of the United Kingdom’s broadband internet coverage. The relevant research was carried out by the popular research agency, PricewaterhouseCoopers. According to the PwC research report, one out of every ten football fans in the United Kingdom […]

ASA probes ISP Speeds and Unlimited Plan Claims

The advertising standards authority of the United Kingdom (ASA) has given a confirmation that it was launching a review into the ways broadband internet services, particularly that offered by broadband providers and mobile broadband network operators, were marketed. As a matter of fact, the review itself would have an all-inclusive look at the consumption as […]

Couple of hours after midnight offer Fastest Online Speeds

A fresh study based on the information collected from around 250,000 speed tests of broadband internet providers, carried out over a period of ninety days has come to the conclusion that the time of the day that offered the fastest web browsing was 2 am. According to the research body, the average broadband internet speed […]

Massive Fibre Rollout in London promised by BT

BT, the prominent broadband service provider operating in the United Kingdom has recently announced that the majority of London would be connected to broadband internet speeds of up to 40Mbps and higher by next year. To be preciser, the leading internet service provider in the UK is planning to provide a consumer-base consisting of a […]

Broadband Disconnection faced by 8million UK Users

It has been reported that approximately eight million broadband internet consumers in the United Kingdom were running the risk of being disconnected or having their web access constrained due to the restrictions as well as the fair usage policies applied by the broadband providers in the UK. The figures given have been revealed by a […]

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