Satellite Internet Requirements

Satellite broadband internet technology has apparently provided the more exacting business and individual broadband UK customers, particularly those located in the disadvantaged areas in the United Kingdom with a fresh leash of hope regarding fast broadband internet access. Today’s business environment in the United Kingdom, as it has been widely felt, depends largely on reasonably […]

Sky Complaint against Misleading TalkTalk Ad upheld by ASA

It has been reported that the advertising regulator of the United Kingdom, Advertising Standards Authority, better known as ASA, has upheld a complaint forwarded by broadband provider Sky against an allegedly misleading advert by TalkTalk. The concerned advertisement made by TalkTalk, one of the leading providers of broadband and home phone bundles in the United […]

Next Gen UK Broadband Rollout to be backed by BBC Licence Fee

According to fresh reports, the money earmarked for funding the digital switchover in the United Kingdom could be injected into the fund for rolling out the next generation broadband internet service across the United Kingdom. The refreshing part of this information is that if realised, the move could help significantly in the effective rollout of […]

Vaizey urged by FSB to expedite Universal Broadband Move

The FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) has called on the newly appointed UK minister for Digital Britain, Ed Vaizey to make basic broadband internet access speeds a universal obligation to support small businesses in their growth and effective economic recovery. The organisation also wanted the broadband internet customers of the country to be able to […]

Project Canvas backed by TalkTalk Chairman

Virgin Media’s and BSkyB’s criticism of Project Canvas, the controversial video-on-demand service, has been dismissed with disdain by TalkTalk’s chairman Charles Dunstone. TalkTalk, one of the leading broadband home phone bundle providers of the United Kingdom is a partner of Project Canvas. Nevertheless, Dunstone does expect to come across further scrutiny before the final go-ahead […]

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