Fighting internet piracy

Illegal online filesharing is indeed a burning issue faced by not only the movie and music industry of the United Kingdom, but the content segment of the whole digital world. It is obvious that the creative industries lose millions due to the illegal online filesharing menace every year. The cause of the issue is the […]

Time to ditch your landline?

It has been a long time since a great number of the broadband consumers in the United Kingdom started thinking about a mobile option for every traditional fixed-line services. However, in the case of broadband internet access, the tendency of the users to go mobile has been greatly impeded by the limitations of mobile broadband […]

Making Internet Phone Calls (VoIP) – Ten Tip Guide

It has been a tremendous welcome given by the Britons to the VoIP (voice over the internet protocol) calling service, which is more than apparent from the fact that over 1.8 million people in the United Kingdom are currently taking advantage of the internet telephony service. The figures were published by telecoms regulator Ofcom in […]

Internet Telephony Over 3G

By switching to making telephone calls over the internet, the consumer can gain considerably in terms of economy. The benefits does not stop with reduced costs, but extend to the convenience of mobility, as these days a user can carry his broadband internet system to wherever he travels. It must be an intriguing question in […]

Complete guide to speeding up your broadband!

Getting a faster broadband connection may be quiet easy for an affluent broadband customer in the United Kingdom, as there is a range of such fast broadband connections offered by a number of broadband providers in the country. However, it is also not that difficult to optimise the connection speeds of the existing broadband connections […]

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