How good is mobile broadband?

Mobile Broadband connections are driven by the same technology that helps mobile phones work. The important keywords here are frequencies and radio waves. While mobile phones along with their radio towers transmit packets of digital data between each other through radio waves and carry voice data in these information packets in case of phone calls, […]

Difference between ADSL and ADSL 2

ADSL and ADSL 2 are two versions of the digital subscriber line technology (DSL technology) that is generally called broadband internet, as it had transcended the narrowband internet technology (dial up internet) in connection speeds, convenience and economy. Both ADSL and its advanced version ADSL2 employ the same kind of technology to get conneted to […]

Do i need a phone line for broadband?

“Do I need a phone line to get access to broadband internet service?” This is a frequently asked as well as a bit serious question from not only the people that wishes to get connected but also some existing broadband users. This is a serious question, since such a question highlights a couple of considerable […]

Difference between broadband and internet

Broadband is one kind of technology-based service that gets the consumer to the internet. This type of internet service is quiet popular among the internet users of the present, particularly for its being faster than the other internet alternatives. Broadband internet technology allows the consumer to make and receive phone calls even while connected to […]

National broadband scheme

The NBS or the National Broadband Scheme in Ireland is being conducted by the Department of Natural Resources and Communications Energy of Ireland with the back up of ComReg. The major aim of the NBS is to provide the areas of Ireland, which are scarcely served by any broadband provider at present, with adequate broadband […]

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