Rural North Yorkshire Villages get 10Mbps Broadband

A couple of rural villages, adjoining parishes located in rural North Yorkshire; Stape and Newton are all set to receive broadband internet coverage. All thanks to NextGenUs, a strategic partnership of Fibrestream for coming up successful in its latest broadband internet coverage project. It is something that is of great promise to the residents of […]

Simon Cowell wades into Anti-Piracy Debate

Simon Cowell has turned out to be the latest music industry bigwig to have waded into the deeply mired online filesharing issue that is currently rocking at least the broadband internetsegment, if not the digital world comprehensively. According to reports, the pop mogul has launched his seemingly maiden piece of political lobbying in the United […]

Hertfordshire gets Super-fast Broadband from Vtesse

Areas around Hertfordshire would enjoy the pilot of super fast broadband internet services in the coming months according to reports. The announcement virtually comes as a surprise to the residents of the area as these parts of Hertfordshire were earmarked once as areas unlikely to be served with such a technology. Nevertheless, today the technology […]

Satellites can enhance High-speed Broadband Services

A broadband market and technology analyst has suggested that satellite technology could be effectively utilised to provide super-fast internet broadband service service across the United Kingdom. According to the suggestion put forward by UKSpace, the trade organisation by the year 2030, the global space market is expected to worth GBP 400 billion as an increasing […]

Novices’ Laptop based on Linux

It is interesting to watch that a freshly conceived laptop particularly for ending the confusion and frustration of the people on operating a computer, has been based on Linux operating system. The laptop designed for the computer novices called Alex comes with office software, image editing, internet browsing and simplified e-mail. It is also notable […]

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