Next Gen LTE Mobile Broadband trialed by O2 in slough

It has been a step closer to the dream of a 150Mbps mobile broadband connection in the United Kingdom as O2 UK carried out its first Long Term Evolution mobile broadband service trial in the country this week. As a matter of fact, O2, the leading mobile broadband service provider operating in the UK, proved in […]

Global Terrorism could subside by Half Time Next Decade

Do we have today, a mass global terrorism package, where the works of existing and extinguished terror groups such as Al Quaida, Aum Shinrikyo, Neo Nazis, IRA and Shining Path combined, to reckon with? If you say no, what then could the derogative term – the global terrorism – be standing for in today’s world? […]

Mobile Broadband a Blessing for Small Businesses

A fresh research that was launched by the prominent mobile broadband provider in the United Kingdom, O2, has revealed in its report that mobile internet broadband services was a remarkable service when it came to the context of productivity. The findings of the recently carried out study also disclosed that almost half of small business […]

Essex Residents called to Consider the Planet this Christmas

The residents of Essex were being encouraged this Christmas to spare some time and mind for the planet by recycling the waste and wrapping paper. It is perceived that reducing and reusing paper after recycling can considerable cut down deforestation, which in its turn can be an impetus for global warming, if left unchecked. It […]

GBP 500m Anti-piracy Bill grins at UK Broadband Users

It has been reported that the United Kingdom government’s dedicated effort to tackle the menace of illegal online filesharers, using certain proposals in the Digital Economy Bill could leave the customers in the country footing a GBP 500 million bill. The Digital Economy Bill is understood to be asking the broadband internet service providers to […]

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