Xbox 360 Owners Access to Sky Programs

One of the major providers of the TV broadband phone bundle packagein the United Kingdom, Sky has recently came with something that offers great joy for the ardent gamers in the country. As a matter of fact, the Microsofts’s game console Xbox 360 owning gamers will be now entitled to gain access to the programming […]

Mandelson will Go Ahead with the Disconnection Plans

  Would Lord Mandelson push through with his disconnection plans to deal with the illegal filesharing problem that has been rocking the broadband internetsegment in the United Kingdom lately? As a matter of fact, a pro-broadband website catering for the UK folk has reported UK broadband provider TalkTalk as saying that it was dismayed to […]

Experts Say Mobile Broadband is at Breaking Point

According to the expert broadband analysts observing closely the mobile broadband sector of the United Kingdom, the mobile broadband networkswere already struggling due to the heaviness of the usage loads. It is also not good times ahead according to them as they predict that it was only going to get worse. The prediction has been […]

Spectrum Choice for Mobile Broadband made by EU

It has been reported by a popular pro-broadband website that when it came to the matter of utilising the radio spectrum effectively to ensure comprehensive broadband internet coverage, the working pattern of European Union seems much similar to that of the government of the United Kingdom. At present the digital segment of Europe is curiously […]

Importance Of CDPD Technology


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