Music Industry Patches up Differences with Three-strike Anti-piracy Policy

A recent turn out that happened within the music industry, saw the differing artists agreeing upon a more prudential solution of broadband providers issuing the online illegal file sharers three warning before taking any stringent action. It has been reported that the music industry has decided through voting to back a three-strikes anti-piracy rule, according […]

Lily Allen to Quit music after being Accused of Mixtape Piracy?

The fierce crusader of the anti-online filesharring cause of the music industry in the United Kingdom, singer Lily Allen, has allegedly closed down her anti – file sharing blog, ‘It’s Not Alright’, after allegation made by a firm that she has been acting contrary to her own public stance on copyrighted material distribution, by circulating […]

Elderly Elite Britons Advise Reduced Mobile Phone and More Email Use

‘Communicate more through Email, while reducing mobile phone use’, seems to be the advice of the elderly elite in the UK to the mobile phone bearing youngsters of the land. Culture Alienated This was revealed in a survey that had been carried out by the Broadband Suppliers website, one of the leading pro-broadband websites catering […]

Student Broadband, Eco-drive, Piracy and Better Deals

It is today, a widely understood fact that the student-world is largely inclined towards a radical ‘digital’ change. There might exist quiet a good number of substantiations as well for this. Not just a digital revolution effected onto the educational system shall make the procedures easier and more versatile for the students, but also could […]

Fighting Illegal File-sharers Result in Broadband Price Hike

BT, the leading fixed-line broadband service provider in the United Kingdom has come up with an interesting revelation that the ongoing challenge of tackling illegal online file sharing upheld by the government on behalf of the copyright industry was likely to cause a hike in the broadband service charges in the country. According to the […]

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