Vodafone Doubles Mobile Broadband Speed

The popular mobile broadband provider Vodafone is reported to have doubled up its mobile broadband internet access speeds to up to 14.4Mbps from its existing headline speed of 7.2Mbps in the United Kingdom. However, the mobile broadband has also admitted that most of its customers may not experience speeds anywhere close to the advertised headline […]

Pirate Party to Campaign for Laws that Keep Pace with Technology

While the government of the United Kingdom has been trying hard to revive stringent penalties for the illegal file sharers in the country, a recently launched political party contemplates campaign for legislation to maintain pace with technology. The leader of the newly launched party known as the Pirate Party UK, is a musician and graphic […]

Home Broadband in the UK and US Trails Other Nations in Speed

A survey carried out by Global Broadband Connections has revealed that the home broadband customers in the United Kingdom and the United States of America lagged behind much of the other world nations, in terms of broadband internet access speed. The survey agency had conducted the reasearch on behalf of the CWA (Communication Workers of […]

UK Government’s New Anti-Piracy Proposals Flayed by TalkTalk

Internet service provider of the United Kingdom, TalkTalk has criticised the government’s fresh anti-piracy legislation proposals citing the probability of them causing a breach of human rights legislation and privacy. The ISP also dubbed the proposals impractical. In the early part of 2009, a number of fresh measures to tackle illegal file sharing was mooted […]

UK ISP AAISP to Provide its Customers with Access to the Be Network

Internet service provider of the United Kingdom, AAISP (Andrews and Arnold) is planning to provide its broadband customers with access to the network of Be Broadband, apart from BT’s. Previously, BT solely was playing the role of the wholesaler to AAISP for providing a good number of its customers with broadband internet access. BT broadband, […]

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