UK pays the Price for its Slow Broadband

It is worth mentioning here that the United Kingdom had lost its position in the top ten broadband nation list, recently. It was a covetous position that was held until the unfortunate moment, by the country with pride. It is nothing less than rubbing salt on the wounds for a British broadband admirer knowing the […]

A Fall Predicted for Satellite Broadband Prices

It is not sure whether Lord Carter, the communications minister of Britain had any insight into the dynamic scopes of satellite broadband technology, at least in bridging the gaps that sarcastically punctuate his Digital Britain dreams. However, today it is almost obvious that it may be the right alternative to the wired or mobile broadband […]

Virgin media Tops Road Test, Followed by Vodafone

An interesting roadtest of mobile broadband providers in the United Kingdom was undertaken by a dedicated broadband comparison website, Broadband Genie. Ironically, it’s a subject of debate whether the test should be called as road test or rail test, because test was conducted on a three fifty mile train trip spanning a couple of days, […]

Illegal File Download Menace

According to an authentic survey carried out recently, approximately seven million people in the UK are using the broadband for illegal downloads. Because of this, the economy is loosing about ten billions of pounds, says the government advisors in their turn. A research disclosed that about 1.3million people were consuming one file-sharing network on a […]

Fast Broadband Services Give the UK Businesses Room to Improvise

Working from home seems to be the slogan for the future as more employers as well as employees seem to have embraced the concept with zest, actively complimented by the enhancement taken place in the broadband service speeds in the United Kingdom. Whatsoever, only about half of the total working population working from home expressed […]

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