Broadband Costs Slashed by 3 Broadband UK

  The customers of 3 Broadband UK had been always kept lulled by the internet service provider with a big promise of replacing the fixed broadband subscriptions one fine day by their HSPA services. The new technology upheld by 3 Broadband, if realized could also be used by the customers on the move, since it […]

Vodafone 7.2Mbps Mobile Broadband Questioned by T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s questioning the mobile broadband data access speeds of 7.2Mbps promised by Vodafone, has forced the latter to make clear the information published on its mobile broadband advertising spree. It was virtually a blow to Vodafone as T-Mobile brazenly claimed that any customer enjoying such data access speeds akin to 7.2 Mbps, promised by Vodafone, […]

WebConnect USB Laptop Stick Launched by T-Mobile

  T-Mobile felt it was the right time to launch its fresh USB mobile broadband dongle; the WebConnect USB Laptop Stick, as its 3G network rollout is fast emerging a success and the nation is getting blanketed by numerous WiFi hotspots. This portable modem launched by T-Mobile was manufactured by Huawei Technologies Co. It connects […]

LTE and Wimax Future Technologies

  LTE, technically called 3GPP Long Term Evolution and Wimax are two separate technologies that would offer a serious challenge to even the superfast wired broadband connections in the future. The former couple of technologies are advocates of wireless broadband services that are expected to deliver data speeds of up to 100Mbps. Such speeds are […]

BT Fibre Optic Rollout Locations Disappoint: Virgin Media

  The stage for another not so trivial battle of the broadband wars, seems to be getting set, as Virgin Media has drawn the first blood against its prime rival BT. Last day, Virgin Media claimed that all the BT’s twenty nine optic fibre line roll out locations were already covered by their optic fibre […]

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