HSPA Broadband Technology

HSPA is the abbreviation for High Speed Packet Access. The HSPA is in fact a collection of mobile telephony protocols that aims at improving the performance of the current mobile systems. The HSPA technology is just like having a broadband mobile system in your mobile phone or laptop. In case you need a cable broadband […]

10Mbps Broadband Service

  Before knowing about the 10Mbps Broadband service, it is important to know a few things about broadband UK, its types and connection speeds. Broadband can be precisely defined as a fast internet connection. The primary difference between a broadband and dial-up connection is that while using dial-up you cannot use your telephone line unless […]

Factors Hindering Digital Britain’s Progress

  The Digital Britain policy aims at making the whole of the UK, broadband capable by 2012. The policy was put forth by communications minister, Lord Stephen Carter. A combination of fixed line, wireless and mobile broadband services would be providing internet connectivity, with a speed of 2Mbps, throughout the country. While the final report […]

Virgin Media Step Up Its 2Mbps Broadband connections

  Virgin Media is one of the largest UK Broadband Provider. Though the quarterly reports of the organisation is disappointing, company’s profile remains the high as UK’s largest home broadband provider. Following the success of 50Mbps broadband connection launched in December 2008, Virgin Media has announced to step up the minimum speed of their broadband […]

Increasing Broadband Speeds and Demand Take Online Marketing to Heights

The UK will be witnessing an increase in the number of households subscribing for broadband UK from various service providers in 2009. According to a research conducted by digital marketing research firm, eMarketer, a 6.25% increase will be seen on the current figures, which is 16.1 million consumers. Thus, about 17 million homes will have […]

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