The fibre optic broadband roll out to benefit BT in long run

The broadband research firm Point Topic reports that fibre based broadband network that BT has announced to launch will not only provide super-fast broadband services to the broadband customers in the UK, but will also help the ISP to achieve higher revenues once the project is completed. Tim Johnson, the Chief Analyst, Point Topic says […]

EITO Report on broadband internet revenues in EU nations

The latest report from the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) shows that broadband connections in nations in Western Europe will touch 114m by the end of 2008. The report also shows that the revenues from the internet connections offered by private internet service providers rose 10.2 percent year-on-year to £26.6bn which was marginally lower than […]

BT Broadband releases report on internet activities

BT, the largest broadband provider in the UK released its report ’21st Century Life Index’ which throws light on the prevailing UK broadband scenario. The study conducted by the ISP shows that the internet surfing habits of the broadband consumers have been changing drastically for the last ten years both in terms of time spent […]

The BPI signs MOU with UK ISPs to reduce illegal file sharing

The BPI (British Phonographic Industry), the association of UK record companies has signed a deal (MOU) with the six largest internet service providers of the UK and the UK government to prevent illegal filesharing that takes places among the internet users. The Motion Pictures Association of America and BERR have also joined hands with the […]

Entanet announces its plans to expand ADSL 2+ broadband beyond WBC

Entanet, the leading broadband network provider that sells broadband services to the UK broadband providers on wholesale basis has announced that its ADSL 2+ based products (Entanet 2Plus Broadband) have received immense response from its partners while claiming many ADSL customers switched to ADSL 2+ broadband since the launch. Many prominent ISPs in the UK […]

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